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Cushions - New Arrivals
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NEW - AF Cushion - NEW
AF Cushion
The AF cushion is designed the same way as our popular AFG cushion except it is made without the liquid gel. Just like the AFG, it is designed to provide exceptional comfort and pressure relief. The AF is equipped with a valve to allow the client to adjust the inner pressure to suit the clients needs providing excellent posture and hip support. The AF comes with a non-slip bottom and a breathable porous top, complete with an extra valve and cover.
Part # AF-16x16x3
# AF-18x16x3
# AF-18x18x3
# AF-20x16x3
# AF-20x18x3

NEW - Sensus Cushion - NEW
Sensus Cushion
Sensus foam has finer cells than other viscoelastic foams giving a more soft luxurious feel. The Sensus foam achieves a smoother more gradual shift in firmness that allows one to change position without hitting an uncomfortable barrier of hard non responsive foam. Sensus foam also has a longer "memory" due to it being able to retain its viscoelastic properties longer than conventional memory foam.
Sensus Cushion W/Base
No Base
Approximately 3" Thick

NEW - Multi-Form Cushion - NEW
Multi-Form Cushion
Nighthawk's Multi-Form cushion was designed to be the most cost effective cushion for achieving seating comfort and stability in the wheelchair. We have used a combination of high resilient foam product to ensure cushion longevity and optimal skin protection. We have added a special design to the cushion to alleviate pressure in the coccyx area. Due to the correct placement of our multi layered foam, the Multi-Foam cushion provides extra postural control and greatly reduces the chance of skin breakdown. This lightweight cushion is the most cost efficient cushion in it's class making it your best choice.
Approximately 3" Thick
Part # 1066








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