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Nighthawk Gel
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Nighthawk now has an anatomically conforming gel developed for those with or without disabilities. The unique cross-linked poly formula was designed for reasons such as prevention of pressure sores, reduced skin sheer and the healing of ischemic ulcers. The Nighthawk gel is self sufficient and maintenance free. Thanks to the thin membrane that is virtually skin-like, there is no odour or fluid absorption when used. If this layer is ripped or torn it will not leak or run. All Nighthawk gel follows body contour to provide optimal therapeutic performance and comfort. With the following gel products added to the Nighthawk line, our seating and positioning should meet your clients needs.
Gel Pad Smooth - 1/2"
Gel Pad Smooth - 1/2"  
• Comes in all standard sizes with the option of a cover
Tough Stuff Cover Part # 1000
Part # NGS 16x16x1/2 # NGS 18x16x1/2 #NGS 18x18x1/2
No Cover
# NGS 20x16x1/2 # NGS 20x18x1/2

Gel Pad Smooth - 1"
Gel Pad Smooth - 1"
Comes in all standard sizes with the option of a cover
  Tough Stuff Cover Part # 1000  
Part # NGS 16x16x1 # NGS 18x16x1 # NGS 18x18x1
No Cover
# NGS 20x16x1 # NGS 20x18x1

Gel Suspension Pad
Gel Suspension Pad
This thin Gel Suspension Pad has a 4mm anti roll up bottom with an overall 20mm height of gel that can be used in conjunction with other cushions to relieve shear friction and allow better air circulation.
• Comes in all standard sizes with the option of a cover
  Tough Stuff Cover Part # 1000  
Part # NGSP 16x16 # NGSP 18x16 # NGSP 18x18
No Cover
# NGSP 20x16 # NGSP 20x18  

Particle Gel Pillow
Particle Gel Pillow
Aero Space particle gel pillow is made up of convoluted visco elastic foam for superior comfort, with a removable zippered particle gel cover. Also equipped with an anti-bacterial/water proof velcro on cover.
• Excellent memory formation • Fast heat dissipation
•Gel doesn't pool in one area • Maintains room temperature
• Latex Free
Particle Gel
  Part # 1078 - Standard Density # 1079 - Firm Density


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