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Nighthawk Gel Cushions
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Aero Space Cushion
Aero Space Cushion The Aero Space Cushion is a revolutionary seating product. This cushion consists of a high resilient foam with contoured foam edges and low profile pommel for added seating comfort. This cushion has a new inside cover that is filled with particle gel. Pressure mapping shows that the particle gel cover is extremely consistent and effective pressure relief.
Part # ASC 16x16x3
# ASC 18x16x3
# ASC 18x18x3
# ASC 20x16x3
# ASC 20x18x3

Gel-Mate© Plus
Gel-Mate© Plus
The Gel-Mate Plus cushion is designed with precontoured high resilient base foam and an overlay of Nighthawk gel is then vacuum sealed producing the following finished seating product. The non slip air exchange cover is removable for machine washing.
Part # 1400 - 16x16 # 1401 - 18x16 #1402 - 18x18
breathable cover
# 1403 - 20x16 #1404 - 20x18

* Gel-Mate offers pressure and shear reduction * Increased surface contact
* Gel ribs for better air circulation & even weight distribution * Enhanced Positioning & stability
* Lessens the accumulation of heat and humidity * Doesn't require kneading or air pumps
* Reduces the risk of pressure management problems * Don't worry about bottoming or leaking out
* Vacuum sealed lycra cover with non slip bottom * Increases the longevity of sitting comfort at an affordable price
  Part # 18x16 # 16x17 * Maintenance Free

This fabricated vacuum sealed Pocket-Mate cushion is designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications.
* Unique raised gel pockets & high resilient foam allowed for better air circulation & weight distribution
* Helps prevent heat & perspiration build-up * Vacuum sealed lycra cover with non slip bottom
* Decreases the possibility of tissue trauma / skin breakdown
* Increases the longevity of sitting comfort at an affordable price
* Doesn't require kneading or air pumps * No bottoming out and no leakage
* Maintenance Free * Reduces vibration & shock
  Part # 1056 18x16



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