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Cushions - Superior Design
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The Superior and Superior Thin cushions have a special anatomically designed base made of high resilient hard medium foam which promotes, improves and maintains proper posture and balance.

  • Built in leg channels to stabilize the upper body
  • Specially designed dish contours to eliminate pressure in the ischials

Superior Cumfy Cushion
* Sunmate 100% open cell foam top
Superior with Base
* Provides high energy impact absorption and support
* Withstands repeated shocks and constant vibration,
greatly reducing fatigue
No Base
* Contoured base
Tuff Stuff Cover
Double Knit & Neoprene Cover

Superior Thin Cumfy Cushion
Superior Thin
* The base has been laterally beveled to accommodate the sling effect of the wheelchair.
Superior Thin W/Base
Superior Thin * High resiliency foam top for comfort and support
* Contoured base
No Base
Double Knit Cover
Double Knit & Neoprene Cover

I.S.C. T-Bone
Nighthawk's research and development has improved on an already efficient design, resulting in a more dynamic pressure relief cushion. THis cushion is a combination of 2" high resilient foam top which is cut to relieve tension to the ischials, sacrum and coccyx. The medium density foam is then laminated to a 1" firm density base to prevent hammocking. We then add 1/4" H.R. foam to the cushion top which provides smooth edging around the cut area to further alleviate pressure.


*Relieves tension to the ischials, sacrum and coccyx areas
with Base
* Cover for this cushion is 100% breathable double knit
* Ventilated seating area helps the user cool and dry
(Nighthawk is able to customize the cut
out area as per your dimensions.)
Double Knit Cover
No Base
Double Knit & Neoprene Cover

Pressure Relief Dynamics
*Locate ischials with patients knees pulled towards chest
* Determine ischial depth
* Provide measurements for individual fit
*Measure ischial center to center span


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