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Q.A Pressure Measurement System
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Nighthawk is proud to say that we have been using the Q.A. Pressure Measurement System to help difficult to seat individuals find lasting comfort. The Q.A. System takes the guess work out of cushion selection, which is very important when working with clients who cannot provide feedback. Seating problems are quickly and efficiently identified, allowing Nighthawk staff and therapists to confidently assess alternatives to ensure the most ideal cushion is provided to the user.

During a 4 year study we have found the benefits of the Nighthawk Cumfy H.R. foams to be the most stable over their life spans when compared with other foam, air and liquid gel cushions. Cushions also require substantially less maintenance than liquid gel or air cushions.

The effects of ambient temperature changes are negligible on our H.R. foams when compared with the dramatic changes that may occur with an air cushion.


Q.A. Measurement Diagrams
Incorrect Seating
Correct Seating

This instrument is a computerized pressure mapping device. The measurement pad is placed between the user and the seating system, then it reads measurements in sequence from lowest to highest tension areas.







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